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Prem Rawat

Mr. Prem Rawat's message is "Everything you have been looking for is within you".
"The knowledge" that Prem Rawat teaches is the most important thing in my life. For it helps me to Live this moment. Venetia

Prem Rawat's first book will be published soon.
I hope that you will enjoy it! Love, Venetia


Indian restaurant, which Venetia's husband manages.

'Papa Jons' is a cheese-cake shop in Kyoto.
Charles Roche the owner is a very good friend.

Blueberry Fields KINOKUNIYA

A beautiful farm overlooking Lake Biwa. There is a small organic bakery, restaurant and jam making factory.
I recommend you go and visit, the view is breath taking.

Venetia's gardening friend

Oohara Satonoeki
For freshly grown vegetables this a great place to go shopping

Oohara Kankou Hosyoukai
Ohara has wonderful hiking trails that you can enjoy.

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