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Titles of Culture Lectures

<Beauty lies within>

(Story) Discovering Henna after I lost my hair
Natural cosmetics in India
Making cosmetics with herbs

<Staying Young>

- avoiding dementia
(Story) Grace-Journey to India
The sixties, the world began to change
Tanoshii hito wa nandemo Tanoshimu
Kanashii hito wa nandemo kanashimu

< Living in the harmony with nature>

The story of the witch
(Story) Plant garden plant happiness
Following your destiny
Making a natural garden
Make one's own insect repellants

<Balance your life>

(Story) The five stages of life
Herbs for Menopause
Live a good honorable life.
Then when you get older and think back you will be able to enjoy it a second time
Love your life and live each moment
Helping each other as a family

<Overcoming Stress>

(Story) What is love? Loving from the distance
Relaxing with herbs
The Family - planning your day
Natural remedies for children's colds, cough etc.

<The Earth is our Garden>

How to make a garden
Gardens - (Landscape・Formal Garden・Cottage Garden) - ideas
Our time on earth is sacred
We should celebrate each moment
Protecting the bees for the next generation

<Listen to your heart>

Story of depression when I had 3 shocks as a child
It's not about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain.
Venetia's Journey to Japan

<Living with Schizophrenia>

How to take care of people with mental disease and depression

<Preserving the beauty of the countryside>

Old things are cool, life in a village
Preserve our Heritage
Travels in Asia in the Meiji period
Lord Curzons visit to Japan in the Meiji period
He restoring buildings in England and India

< Slow Life>

Living in Harmony with nature
(Story) Visiting Suwanose and Fukuoka sensei in Matsuyama
Live this moment
Companion planting
Organic vegetable garden


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