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Venetia's Lecture

Lecture Theme

British Culture

Venetia has always loved history.
She is fascinated by the roots of the many festive days and customs that occur both in England and Japan.
She will explain the similarities and the differences.


"Wherever your heart is, there you will find your treasure"
Life is too short for me to allow myself the luxury of living it badly.
Venetia talks about her daily life in the countryside of Ohara.

Child Development

She has two boys and two girls and two grandchildren.
Her children attended a variety of schools in Japan, UK, USA and New Zealand.
Faced with the problems of Bilingualism, Biliteracy and Learning disabilities.
She through trial and error and 35 years of raising children will explain the things she has learnt.


Venetia was brought up in England and as a child had many experiences, helping her mother in the garden.
In 1996 she started to build a cottage garden in Ohara.
In 2002 she won the 'NHK National Gardening Prize' in Japan.